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The Demon of Ikebukuro Part 1
    “Come now Shizu-chan, you've gotta have better aim than that if you want to hit me~”  The teasing of the black haired male simply drove his attacker into even more of a rage.  The soda machine, which the other had thrown in an attempt to seemingly murder the nuisance, smashed to the ground right where he was standing a moment before.  It would've been plain idiotic to remain in harm's way, so of course he moved.  The mechanisms inside the metal casing rattled and sprung out of place, causing can upon can of various sodas to tumble out.  The one with black hair walked over to the busted machine, picking up one of the cans and tapping on the top several times as he turned to face the other again.  His reddish-brown eyes lock with his opponent's hazel ones as he popped open the top of the can, his regular smug expression turning to a bit of a smirk.  “Or is it you don't want to hit me?  Is the monster of Ike
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Jinsei by AshurasDaughter Jinsei :iconashurasdaughter:AshurasDaughter 0 12 Shi by AshurasDaughter Shi :iconashurasdaughter:AshurasDaughter 2 10
Funeral Home - Creative Writing 12
The middle-aged man sighed, sitting back in the chair he had put on the fire escape of the familiar building.  He casually ran a hand through his short, messy hair, which was currently like a wet mat.  He glanced over to the window which he had stepped out of for a breath of fresh air.  He hated this place so much.
Though, it’s understandable.  It was a funeral home, and always smelled heavily of death.  Unfortunately, he made quite a few stops here on his route.  He was always dropping off sobbing family members here in his classic yellow cab.  People assume it’s an easy job, driving around the quiet city, but it isn’t.  It’s stressful seeing so many broken people.
He took a cigarette out of his pocket, lighting it and taking a long drag from it before breathing out a puff of smoke.  Tapping the end of it, he let the cinders fall down the long drop to the ground.  The hard metal of the fire escape was starting t
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Yaema - Demon by AshurasDaughter Yaema - Demon :iconashurasdaughter:AshurasDaughter 1 13 Jimmy Casket - Fallen Angel by AshurasDaughter Jimmy Casket - Fallen Angel :iconashurasdaughter:AshurasDaughter 27 8
Decades - Creative Writing 11
It was a shockingly cool day in Ohio, not much disturbing the time of peace.  After all, love was in the air, as it was February 14th, also known as Valentine’s Day.  The year was 1969, and everyone was feeling the love today.  At least, most everyone was.  Unfortunately, not the woman who drove along the road in her black, 1967 Chevy Impala, listening to The Beatles as she went.
She hummed along to the song, keeping her eyes on the road as she sat along in her car.  She could hear some of her ‘tools’ moving around in the trunk due to the bumpy road.  These ‘tools’ were weapons.  Knives, guns, and others one would consider deadly, like Holy Water.  You see, she didn’t have an average job, nor was she a house wife.  She was a Hunter, a person within a special group whom all devote their lives to hunting supernatural creatures, and protecting mortals from them.
The job didn’t really pay anything since
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Egg - Creative Writing 10
The last egg rolled off the counter before I had a chance to catch it, and that was when I knew I would have to answer for what had happened that afternoon.  I looked nervously around the mess of a kitchen, my head hanging low.  Everything was a wreck.  Cake batter coated one wall, eggs splattered on another, and cups shattered on the ground.  I was trying to make a cake for my birthday….but had failed miserably.  You’d be surprised how difficult baking is when you only have claws, not fingers.
Oh, did I forget to mention?  I’m a mutant, a freak of nature who shares a house with some humans.  We normally avoid one another, since they hate me.  But that’s fine, I’m used to it.  Either way, I have claws, a tail, and cat-like eyes.  It’s alright….but the claws make it tough to grab things.  That, and I’m also really clumsy.
Anyway, the kitchen was a mess, and it was my fault.  I was
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Mirror Mirror - Creative Writing 9
I yawn, sitting up slowly from my soft, spongy bed.  My eyes glance around the dull room in a daze before settling on my clock.  “Nine o’clock…”  I murmur, rubbing the sleep from my eyes.  “Right, it’s Saturday.”  I stretch a bit as I slowly get out from my mess of covers and head to the restroom.
I picked up my round brush, moving in front of the mirror.  I washed off my face carefully with water to wake myself up.  I then grab a towel from beside me, drying off my face before looking at my reflection to start making myself look presentable.  What I saw made me freeze up in fear.
I looked nothing like myself.  My once blue eyes were replaced with a deep red iris, with dark circles under my eyelids.  My previously medium length blonde hair was now long and black, with red highlights near the roots.  My skin was far paler than normal, and my lips were a faint red.  I looked completely d
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Blackbird Letter - Creative Writing 8
Hey, uh, hey Margrett.  Yeah, I know, I haven’t written in a while.  Sorry about that, I’ve been busy.  You will not believe what I have gone through this week.  It’s just been absolutely hectic.  Honestly.  The people in this messed up migration zone eat BLACKBIRD PIES!  I nearly got my feathers baked!
It’s just….alright, here’s how it went.  One minute, I’m just resting in my nest, all calm and stuff.  The next, I’m being grabbed and tossed into a stupid bird cage!  I wasn’t the only one, there were eleven others in that one cage.  The guy who stuffed me in was holding another cage too, filled with twelve other of our kin.  I think I saw Joe too.  Poor guy.
I fluttered in the cage for a while, till the idiot human set both down on a table in a big room.  It was filled with knives and other stuff.  It was too frantic to get a good look around.  After al
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Personification - Creative Writing 7
All was quiet in the large home of metal, packed full with its gleaming guests that remained oh so silent.  Many lay, sleeping soundly as their sharp edges glisten in a pale moonlight.  They all needed their rest, as tomorrow would be a new day of bloodshed and dents in their slick steel.
They stayed, aligning as their caretakers had placed them.  The flamethrower, dreaming of the battlefield.  The faint hissing it would emit as flames shot forth from its mouth.  Beside him comfortably sat his ally, the simple fire ax.  It dreamt of the events soon to come, the time when it would dance through the air at the will of its fire-loving master.
Near to the brothers of fire lay the weapons of two others as they slept comfortably.  The 500 kg being of cold skin, named Sasha by her keeper, turned slightly with a dull click.  At her side was the explosive rocket launcher, whom could spit rockets from its mouth with ease.
Not too far, sitting comfortably o
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Picking at the Skin - Creative Writing 6
Rena growled lowly, her nails digging deep into her soft, bleeding arms.  She slowly crept through the dark alleyway near her small house, mumbling to herself.  “S-stop…It hurts…”  She whimpered.  “No…just a little more…”  Upon saying that, she lifts her clawed right hand up to her face, ripping them across the tattered flesh.
She gasped in pain, biting down on her now bleeding lip so she wouldn’t scream.  She then rips at her face again, and again, and again.  She kept clawing at her mangled flesh until she managed to grasp her right hand with her left, pulling it back sharply.
Tears streamed down her bloodied cheeks, sinking into the wounds and stinging like a butterfly knife.  She let out a choked sob before continuing on her way, limping at a slow pace.  “Why…?”  She sobbed, whimpering pitifully.  “It hurts so much…why do I keep doing it?”
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Noise - Creative Writing 5
I sat in a police station, tapping my foot nervously as I looked about.  I felt the overwhelming urge to think back on the events of earlier in the day, which had gotten me where I am now.  The police had already towed away the rental car I had been using, which could now be considered evidence.  How was I supposed to know it had someone in the back?  I thought back to the moment I had pulled over to see what the noise in the car was about.
After hearing the thumping of a flat tire, I had pulled over to the side of I-4 to check the damage.  I unbuckled myself, parked the car, and got out.  That’s when I realized that the thumping noise was still going.  It wasn’t from a flat tire at all, but from the trunk.  A chill ran through my spine as I walked over, shakily grabbing the latch and pulling it open.  I paused when I saw what…..I mean who it was.
Lying in the trunk, arms and legs tied up and a gag covering his mouth, was a
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Five Minutes - Creative Writing 4
The father of the young boy smiled, pulling the car to a stop as he looked at his dear wife and son.  “Alright, we’re here.”  He chuckles softly.  The young boy wastes no time jumping out of the back seat, running at full speed into the well-lit park.
Joseph Collins, the father, opens his door, getting out of the cold car and taking a deep breath of the cool night air.  He then walks over to his wife’s door, opening it for her and helping her out.  “Honey, why are we here?”  She asks, looking around.
“You did day you wanted to spend some family time outdoors, so…”  He trails off, grabbing a wooden picnic basket from the trunk.  “I made a picnic for us.”
“Oh honey…”  She chuckles, smiling.  “You didn’t have to.”
“Exactly, I wanted to.”  He says, smiling.  He closes and locks the car, taking his wife Sarah’s ha
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Brains or Beauty? - Creative Writing 3
(( Disclaimer: Another boring thing.  Read if you wanna.  Who knows, maybe you like my writing style?  Alright, I think that's it for dull stuff, back to the world of fiction. ))
If I must choose between being beautiful, and being smart, the choice is very clear to me.  I’m already rather ugly and inelegant, so why not take the brains with it?  I take three Advanced Placement classes, so I’d like to say I’m a bit smart already, but being smarter would help incredibly.  I may not be the ‘talk of the town’, but I’d be better off.
Brains would get me much, much farther in life.  It could get me a good college degree, and then a well-paying job.  I would be able to support a family, if I find a man whom could see beyond my appearance.  It would also keep away the shallow men who think only about their spouse being pretty or hot.  I would be able to put up with the crude remarks and the like.  Also, b
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Autobiography - Creative Writing 2
(( Disclaimer: Before you start reading, note this is an assignment where I write about myself.  It's rather boring, but if you wanna read, go on ahead.  From senior year in high school and onwards is entirely fiction. ))
Everyone’s life moves at a different pace, no matter who you are.  Each person will go through different rough patches in life, as well as different high moments.  I am no exception to this.  I am as much of an individual as any of you after all.
I was born in Orlando Florida on Just 2nd, 1998.  My mother was still rather young, and in college at the time.  She wasn’t sure who the dad was for a while, and was headed down a bad pathway.  However, as she has told me many times, her whole life turned around when she found she was pregnant.  She took a pause from college when I was born so that she could look after me, along with my grandparents and uncles.
My biological dad apparently didn’t want me, so he di
:iconashurasdaughter:AshurasDaughter 0 8


Encounter with a Dragon RP
It is medieval times in the kingdom of Lauria, a land of varied environments and climates, slowly growing in size from the might of its King swallowing up its enemies around him through cunning and military skill. Though this King will still fail in containing the biggest threat to the citizens of Lauria and the world at large. Dragons.
Fearsome beasts of legend that will capture village folk, destroy innocent towns and causing widespread panic because of their size, destruction and tales of ruthlessness. The dragons are also cunning, smarter than most men as they speak to people through the mind, not by sound (like a voice in your head).
Below are the types of encounters you may have with a dragons of Lauria. Can you survive, possibly befriend a beast of such power?
1. You are a modest farmer of a village near the capital, struggling to meet the King's crop taxes. Then a dragon attacks your village, burning your crops during the
:iconprophetofgreed:Prophetofgreed 26 446
The Mystery Skulls Misadventures: 'Wounds' pg34 by Anastas-C The Mystery Skulls Misadventures: 'Wounds' pg34 :iconanastas-c:Anastas-C 767 190 Shadow Italy meets 2p Italy by Insanity-10 Shadow Italy meets 2p Italy :iconinsanity-10:Insanity-10 358 102 Barry Suits Up by DarkLitria Barry Suits Up :icondarklitria:DarkLitria 234 28 Eeveelutions by probablyfakeblonde Eeveelutions :iconprobablyfakeblonde:probablyfakeblonde 2,512 87 Happy Pokemon Day by probablyfakeblonde Happy Pokemon Day :iconprobablyfakeblonde:probablyfakeblonde 1,071 24
[Sad!Suicidal!Izaya] Anything But Ordinary
Sometimes I get so weird
I even freak myself out
I laugh myself to sleep
It's my lullaby
Sometimes I drive so fast
Just to feel the danger
I wanna scream
It makes me feel alive
January 03:
I always thought I was fairly normal. But one day, out of the blue, something changed. Of course, I knew that I enjoyed people watching. I also knew that it was a little strange. But really, who is normal? Everybody has something that makes them strange, different, unique. This was mine.
As I got older, I noticed it growing. My love for people and human behavior had grown into an obsession. I was living for the sole purpose of watching people. They made me laugh, my humans.
They used to make me feel alive.

Is it enough to love?
Is it enough to breathe?
Somebody rip my heart out
And leave me here to bleed
Is it enough to die?
Somebody save my life
I'd rather be anything but ordinary please

March 13:
Recently this thought
:iconsasukefan778:sasukefan778 26 25
[Shizuo x Izaya] Alive
Shizuo never knew he needed someone like him.
He was infuriating. He was annoying. He was an overall nuisance.
But it was still his job to be the one to end him and not anyone else’s.
So when the news was broadcasted that Izaya Orihara had been shot in the middle of the street last night, it definitely came as a shock. In all the years that he had known the flea, Izaya never got hurt. He always chased the informant down, trying to catch him and pumble him to death. But the truth was, he was never really trying to kill anyone.
“Wake up, damn flea!”
Izaya sat up groggily, rubbing the sleep from his eyes before glancing over to the blonde seated in the open chair beside his hospital bed. “What are you doing here?” the informant narrowed his eyes, partly from the blinding hospital lights and partl
:iconsasukefan778:sasukefan778 36 12
Equivalent Exchange
    It was three in the morning, and W.D. Gaster was doing what he did best at three in the morning.
    Being awake. 
    Pushing his glasses up his thin face, he squinted at the glowing monitor before him and quickly scribbled something down on his notepad in spidery handwriting. 
    Transplant has been accepted.. Homeostasis???
    The spectral figure gave a small jump as a loud yawn sounded behind him, knocking his glasses off his face with a clatter. 
    Gaster gave a put upon sigh and turned, crossing his arms over his chest and raising a metaphorical eyebrow at his lab assistant. The pinpricks of light in his eye sockets were bright with determination, lips puckered in a scolding sort of pout. 
    "Sans," he said as firmly as he could, his voice raising just a little. "As the owner of this lab and the leader of t
:iconmausymoo:MausyMoo 10 9
Another AUUnderfell Ask  #14, #15 (edited) by ParodyPunk Another AUUnderfell Ask #14, #15 (edited) :iconparodypunk:ParodyPunk 295 113 ??? (Anon x Gaster) by ParodyPunk
Mature content
??? (Anon x Gaster) :iconparodypunk:ParodyPunk 77 46
Underfell: P1 (Color) by AvionVadion2 Underfell: P1 (Color) :iconavionvadion2:AvionVadion2 144 9 Judgement Hall (Part 9) by HazeSpawn Judgement Hall (Part 9) :iconhazespawn:HazeSpawn 557 184 Judgement Hall (Part 14) [Warning: Blood] by HazeSpawn
Mature content
Judgement Hall (Part 14) [Warning: Blood] :iconhazespawn:HazeSpawn 718 182
Judgement Hall (Part 8) by HazeSpawn Judgement Hall (Part 8) :iconhazespawn:HazeSpawn 611 152 Judgement Hall (Part 5) by HazeSpawn Judgement Hall (Part 5) :iconhazespawn:HazeSpawn 699 120




Sup?  Idk why, I just felt like throwing out an update or something.  Uh...things are kinda stressful over here, but that doesn't really matter.  You guys probably want details on any writing things.

Well, I've gotten into Durarara!! big time.  I really like the anime, despite how confusing and weird it is.  The characters so make it worth it.  I really like Izaya.  He's such an ass, but he's a cool ass.  And Shizuo, he's awesome too.  I kinda do ship them, can't help it.  Anyway.  I'm writing a story.  Part one is already done, I'm just waiting for someone to read it over and make sure it's good for me.  And part two is in the works.  I guess just let me know if you guys are interested in seeing it?  I mean, maybe you'll like it, maybe you won't.  I think it's one of the longest things I've written on my own, and probably the most well written too.

Ah, anyway, that's all.


I draw you a picture.  I'm not that good of an artist.  I will most likely use a base, unless you request me draw it on my own.

(( Put points in donations when I agree to doing it, or send it to me directly. ))
I will write a story for you.  Will take longer, and requires more effort.

(( Put points in donations when I agree to doing it, or send it to me directly. ))
Game Character Art
Basically, I use a website to make your character.  Shouldn't take long, and I will do the best with what I'm given.

(( Put points in donations when I agree to doing it, or send it to me directly. ))


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